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Our FAQs section gives you some of the answers to your question. Browse through for ease of use. You can send a mail or request a call back if you don't find answers to your questions in this section.

Guides / Support

Our support team is always here for you. Feel free to contact us for guide or support.

Support Request

You can simply send us a mail directly from your dashboard by clicking the menu button and then select the send a message option to get started. We are available 24/7 to attend to all of your needs.

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Create and fund your account with just a few clicks. Once your account is created you can simply add funds through the deposit page.

Why has my profits not been credited to my account?

All proceeds from trading and profits from investments are credited to your balance after maturity. If you have any issues or balances have not been credited after the elapsed time you can contact support to rectify such issues.

Why haven't I seen my referral bonus?

Your referral bonus is credited to your balance once your referrer makes a deposit.

How long is withdrawal processed

Withdrawals are currently made using crypto and as such it is dependent on the blockchain network. Withdrawals to your address are processed after 3 network confirmations.

How can i withdraw

To withdraw simply add a withdrawal account in your profile and make a withdrawal request.

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Simply send a mail to investments@stalliontrade.com